DotsPlus is a set of tactile fonts that permits virtually any computer document written in a language based on the Roman alphabet to be printed in a form readable by a blind person. Standard text printed in the six-dot DotsPlus font reads very much like grade 1 (non-contracted) standard braille. The eight-dot DotsPlus font set is identical except that most double cell characters of the six-dot font are single cells in the eight-dot font. Capital letters in the eight-dot font, for example, are the familiar single cell letters of eight-dot computer braille. They have an extra dot (dot-7 position) on the left side of the row just below the bottom of the standard six-dot lower case letter cell.

Common punctuation marks are not braille but are small graphic symbols. Most feel like literary braille punctuation marks but, unlike braille punctuation, are distinguishable out of context from letters. The vast majority of characters that appear in more complex literature (math, science, computer programs, accents on foreign characters in English literature, etc.) are graphic symbols shaped much like the corresponding print symbols.

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