Disabled Postal Provisions

Subject to certain standards, documents and other matter may be mailed free of postage by or for the use of blind or other persons who cannot read or use conventionally printed materials due to a physical handicap. These provisions apply to U.S. domestic mail only. The USPS may require individuals claiming entitlement to the free matter privilege to furnish evidence of eligibility to receive the free matter.

The following are examples of the types of items that are eligible: reading matter in braille or 14-point or larger sightsaving type and musical scores, sound reproductions, Braille writers, typewriters, educational or other devices for use by a blind person or a person who has a physical impairment. The matter must be for the use of such an eligible person. The package may not contain any advertising. It must be unsealed and sent by a blind or other physically handicapped person and may be opened and inspected by the post office. It must be marked “Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped” in the upper right corner of the address side.

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