Electronic File Format

We can format your document for voice synthesis, screen magnification or document archiving. Depending on the anticipated use of the converted document and your equipment, we can accommodate your need. Documents are usually delivered as ASCII or text files.

Customized transcriber’s notes describe complex items, tables and graphics.
Before converting a document to a text file for electronic format, our staff carefully analyzes each one to determine which sections may need special handling. For example, we would eliminate columns, reformat tables, and describe charts and graphics. Print page numbering is preserved so both the reader of the original document and the reader of the electronic version can discuss the document together. Because of our careful attention to detail, the reader of the electronic version will have nearly the same experience as the reader of the original print document.

Conversion to all types of electronic media is available.
We can deliver your reformatted documents on diskette or compact disc, disseminate electronic files via e-mail, and post accessible texts on the Web.

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