Braille Ready File

A braille-ready file is a data file in a special format that can be read on a braille display or transmitted to a braille embosser. Braille-ready files typically have the extension .brf or .bfm. The braille codes in braille-ready files allow blind people to read electronic documents from computer disks or from the Internet. When read or downloaded from the Internet, braille-ready files are called Web-Braille.

Braille-ready files generally contain 25 lines per page, with each line holding up to 39 characters. Transcribing a single printed page can result in several braille pages; the exact ratio depends on the nature of the document. Mathematical expressions and symbols, as well as graphics, can be converted into words before being translated into braille-ready files. Complex mathematical documents have the highest braille-to-text page conversion ratios.

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