Large Print Services

Our staff uses its creativity and experience.
The Braille Plus Production Team includes members with training and experience in fine arts, education, advertising layout and publishing in addition to many word processing and image manipulation programs. Rather than merely using a photocopier to enlarge a document or clicking a button to change the font size, our staff carefully analyze each document before reformatting. Through much experience with all types of documents, we have developed techniques that enable us to perform this helpful service for you.

Our large print editions of documents can retain the meaning and readability of the original.
We strive to produce such a close replica of the original document that the layout, the general look of the document, the true meaning and even the print page numbering can also be preserved. We want both the readers of the original and the large print versions to have the same experience in accessing the same information. Our staff has years of experience in creating large print versions of brochures, application forms, maps, conference programs, announcements and letters.

Large print documents are produced with the user in mind.
All documents will be produced in 18 point type, unless a different size is requested. Documents are usually printed on white printer paper but other colors that lessen the contrast may be requested. Some of the techniques we use to make large print documents easy to use are: printing on both sides of the paper to reduce the number of sheets, breaking larger works into smaller volumes for ease of handling, labeling in large print and adding attractive covers, and completing larger documents with comb bindings.

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