Large Print

To accommodate readers with several types of visual impairments, documents can be printed in larger-than-normal size print. Some printed materials may even be simply enlarged on a copy machine. Standard font size for large print documents is 14 to 18 point. The graphic portions of the document are enlarged in proportion to the print and placed in the layout to approximate the original. The graphics are sometimes simplified or reproduced without shading to make them easier to read and understand. And, in some cases, graphics are removed and described in text. In general, documents need to be created with a plain font style, printed clearly, reformatted to increase the size of the font, improve print contrast, and generally make the text easier to read and understand. People who use large print may read with prescription lenses, special magnifiers, or closed circuit television (CCTV) technology. Ideally, the large print document will also retain the original page numbering system so both blind and sighted users can discuss a document together.

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