A contagious disease of the conjunctiva and cornea, caused by the gram-negative bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis and characterized by inflammation, hypertrophy, and formation of granules of adenoid tissue. It is a major cause of blindness in Asia and Africa.

Tiger Font

The Tiger font is used by the Tiger embosser to produce tactile graphics.

Tiger Embosser

This is a braille tactile graphics embosser that can emboss text and graphics directly from Windows applications using its own driver software. These machines print braille at a resolution of 20 dots per inch, single-sided or interpoint. The Tiger interprets color and shades of gray in visual images with embossed dots of varying heights. Braille […]


This technique for creating Tactile Graphics uses a model created by hand or computer, heats a plastic sheet, and vacuum presses the plastic around the image.

Textbook Format

The Braille Authority of North America (BANA) writes and promulgates rules concerning the production of various types of braille documents. Standard textbooks, exclusive of those of a technical nature (math, sciences, computer programming) are governed by their 1997 publication: “Braille Format: Principals of Print to Braille Transcription.” These rules are consistently adopted by state and […]

Text-To-Speech @

Speech Synthesis This is a term referring to use of a computer software package, a sound card and speakers to create speech as a substitute for a computer monitor for blind people. In simplest terms, the software analyzes the data in the video buffer of the computer and turns what it sees into phonic components. […]

Tech Act

The Tech Act (Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities) made grants to states beginning in 1988 to promote the integration of Assistive Technology into the lives of people with disabilities. Each state provided the National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation Research with proposals detailing how they would create systems change so that such integration would […]

Talking Equipment

Watches, alarm clocks, note takers and similar equipment that have electronic components that can create speech and announce the time, what key is pressed, etc.

Talking Books

In general terms, this phrase refers to any recorded edition of a published document (magazine, textbook, and novel). More specifically, in the world of visual impairments, it refers to the commercially prepared editions of documents offered to the blind community through various organizations, libraries, charities and educational institutions. Production approaches vary from country to country. […]


Tags are HTML (hypertext markup language) commands. These are the codes that are typed in a document to control the way the document is displayed by a browser.